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Sympathy Development Solutions For The E-tarded™.

[we manufacture harsh synthetic rhythms]


It could be said that after an interminable period of being a rather bad-tempered, self-important and socially awkward teenager, I am now a somewhat better-tempered, even more self-indulgent and less socially awkward twenty-something. This took a fair bit of trial and error.

I do have brightly coloured hair. I use PPS to look after it. Mad props to PPS. Also, my dealer loves me, because I spend too much money on what apparently passes for E, even though I'm told it's the chemical equivalent of scooping your brain out with an ice-cream, er, scooper.

I like using Ableton Live 6. I also enjoy using Battery, Absynth and Massive. I use an Audio Kontrol 1, with a Korg MicroStudio controller thing. For real! They cost me so much it hurt.

I do drugs, I love music and most of all...

I do try not to take life too seriously. You should give it a shot too.

CAPSLOCK, I hear there's rumors on the internets, 12 rounds, 2:01 a.m., 2manydj's, a clockwork orange, abstract thinking, ac/dc, akai samplers, alexander shulgin, architect, atticus ross, attorney at lol, aural sex, bad 80s music, bad goth nights, bad indie nights, bauhaus, bed, being excessively loud, big stompy boots, bikini kill, black sabbath, body piercings, chaos theory, chuck palahnuik, chuck taylors, citizen records, clubbing, cocteau twins, combichrist, conceptualism, convenient plot devices, converter, corsets, covenant, curve, cyberpunk, dada, danny elfman, david bowie, dead can dance, dead kennedys, deathkey, digital hardcore recordings, discworld, disinformation, dj hell, donny darko, duran duran, echo and the bunnymen, edith piaf, electric six, electroclash, encyclopedia dramatica, error, escapism, felix da housecat, fiber optics, fixmer/mccarthy, forced induction, freedom of expression, freeland, front 242, goldfrapp, gonzo journalism, hair extensions, hallucinogens, haujobb, hedonism, horror, ian astbury, icon of coil, incense sticks, inductive logic, inebriation, internet prison, iszoloscope, jim morrison, joy division, kate bush, killing joke, kompakt, ladytron, lcd soundsystem, led zeppelin, lip service, metaphors, mies van der rohe, miss kittin, mixtapes, nathalie roland, neil gaiman, new order, nick cave, nine inch nails, nip/tuck, nitzer ebb, noise, noisex, omg i'm straight edge, paranoia, party monster, people-watching, physics, pin-up girls, pop will eat itself, post it notes, power through industrial combines, pro-tools, psychedelics, psychological egoism, psychology of dressing, psytrance, rex the dog, roland keyboards, siouxsie and the banshees, snog, soulwax, stompy boots, subversion, sylvia plath, talking to strangers, tankt, tears for fears, terence fixmer, terry pratchett, tesla coil, the cult, the damned, the dave brubeck quartet, the kinks, the sisters of mercy, this morn' omina, thursday, tomcraft, tones on tail, transmetropolitan, trent reznor, tsuyoshi suzuki, underworld, velvet underground, vice magazine, vinyl, vitalic, vivienne westwood, vodka, wasting time online, william gibson, zombie ghost train